The squat is effective in slack in the bottom, and but I’m tired with a lady of forties.

The squat is effective in slack in the bottom, and but I’m tired with a lady of forties.

When a squat is continued and performed to get the beautiful bottom.

A hip is raised certainly.

But because I have a pain in my lower back which will have a pain in its knee in forties, it’s impossible.

A word becomes painful.


Even if a squat isn’t done by seeing this animation.

A body can cancel slack in the bottom by the way which doesn’t impose a burden too much.

HIPPUKYUTTO acts on anal sphincter directly and is the “healthy apparatus” it’s possible to train a pelvis bottom quarter for which.

The wonderful effect of the HIPPUKYUTTO movement is enumerated below, but when effect effect is asserted in advertisement of healthy apparatus, it can be breach of Medicine Act.
Please be careful as I decide, and “I recover.” “It works.” “It’s improved.” etc. may be added and be not opened.

● Hip rise
Slack in the bottom is done because of a decline of muscle of buttocks by aging.
I lose my muscles with the age, get fat and lose the shape.
The bottom end movement bears the hip rise effect.

● Constipated improvement
The power of the muscle around the abdominal muscle and the anus can’t be missed to discharge a flight smoothly.
When I decline, this causes constipation.
HIPPUKYUTTO movement acts on anal sphincter directly, so I’m refreshed.

● Urine Mollet prevention
The slack by which the cause is the anal sphincter a pelvis bottom quarter declines and with which is most concerned directly.
When the strong pressure is added to a stomach by a sneeze and a cough there, it takes a load for a bladder and urine Mollet gets up.
Anxiety dies of such urine Mollet’s training anal sphincter.

● Blood circulation improvement
When the amount of the muscle of the lower part of the body increases, basal metabolism will be well, and the immunity power rises and a cold becomes difficult to catch.
Circulation of blood will be also smoothly, dryness and, it’s darkish and is also freed from skin trouble such as wrinkles and an eruption.

● Swelling improvement
When a pelvis opens, circulation of blood and a flow of lymph of a foot become bad, and waste starts to collect on a blood vessel.
A swelling of a foot is aggravated so that waste is accumulated.
A pelvis tightens by HIPPUKYUTTO movement, so it becomes easy to float down waste.

● Menstrual cramps and the improvement which has irregular menstruation
The blood circulation is also good for a soft womb, and a menstrual cramps become light.
A womb is to become stiff, and the person for whom blood circulation is bad by a poor circulation tends to increase in a menstrual cramps.
HIPPUKYUTTO movement has womb muscle flexibly, so a menstruation becomes smooth.



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